Ferrero Canada Ltd.

Our roots lie in a small town in northern Italy but our vision and our future span the globe. Ferrero was founded shortly after the end of the Second World War with the goal of crafting moments of happiness by making chocolate more affordable for everyone. Starting with the creation of Nutella® and Mon Chéri, we soon began transforming the confectionery world with our innovative ideas and iconic brands. And even as we grew from a local to a multinational reality, we’ve continued to put the consumer at the centre of our focus, cultivating an approach that is based on sustainability, quality and family values. Today, we continue to expand our world through research and new investments, new product categories, and new ways of working, without losing sight of what makes Ferrero unique.

You probably remember the childhood joy of spreading Nutella® on a slice of bread, or the way our chocolate bars fit perfectly in your little hand. For most of us, Ferrero has been at our side from childhood to adulthood, from Kinder and Tic Tac® to Ferrero Rocher®. These same emotions, shared across generations, are experienced every day by our extended Ferrero family when crafting the iconic brands that make us feel at home.

As you’ve grown so have we, crafting new brands, new product categories and acquiring brands such as Thorntons and Fannie May. In 2018 the Ferrero Group announced the acquisition of Nestlé USA's chocolate confectionary business through which many iconic American brands, such as Butterfinger®, BabyRuth®, 100Grand®, Raisinets®, and the exclusive right to the Crunch® brand for the U.S. market became part of our extended brand portfolio.