Urban Barn

URBAN BARN (Furniture & Home Décor) 


Our business started with an idea. Yours.

In 1990 our founders, Rick and Craig, opened the first Urban Barn. Soon they met Sébastien. Sébastien's vivacious character and wildly creative eye is still here with us today.

It's you, our customer that inspired us then, and leads us now. In the beginning, Urban Barn's first customers wondered why couldn't they buy inspiring, quality pieces at a decent price. So that is exactly what we set out to do. It's what we still do.

We didn’t even have a name until we had a location.

Our name came from our first store. It was a beautiful space with rustic wooden floors and a barn-style door and, in spite of its busy metropolitan location, it held the feel of an old barn. So there it was, Urban Barn.