Celebrating 40 years as the Leading Toronto Maid Service and 3 Million Homes cleaned since 1978.

What are the qualifications of a CUSTOM MAIDS employee?


At CUSTOM MAIDS, we devote more time and effort to recruiting experienced cleaning personnel than we do any other aspect of our business.


To us, the ideal candidate for employment is one who comes to us with years of prior cleaning experience and verifiable references. As a result, our staff is comprised largely of traditional cleaning ladies who have been in positions of trust for many years before joining our staff.


Notwithstanding the prior qualifications they may have, all new recruits are required to complete the CUSTOM MAIDS HOUSEKEEPER TRAINING PROGRAM, involving classroom and practical components. Those who successfully complete the training are added to our staff.


Once employed, our standards are maintained through an ongoing program of training and supervision.

Oct 31, 2018
Full time
CAREER HIGHLIGHTS CUSTOM MAIDS STAFF-MEMBERS :   Work INDEPENDENTLY, not in teams        & clean 2 homes a day  (within Toronto's city limits)    Work 6 to 8 hours each day  (either Tuesday through Saturday  OR  Wednesday through Sunday)   Have 2 CONSECUTIVE DAYS OFF each week   Are FREE EVERY EVENING.     OUR SERVICE BOUNDARIES ARE :   North to Steeles, West to Etobicoke, East to Scarborough & South to Downtown. We tailor a schedule in YOUR part of the city.        CUSTOM MAIDS STAFF-MEMBERS RECEIVE :   Regular performance-based wage increases          +  gratuities from many clients     2 weeks paid vacation   9 paid statutory holidays   Worker's Compensation coverage   Liability Insurance coverage   Bonding by CUSTOM MAIDS.     All staff-members are eligible for the EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH AWARD which includes a certificate and monetary reward. CUSTOM MAIDS staff-members take great pride in the quality of work they perform.   They get the recognition and praise they deserve as skilled, honest and hardworking individuals from both the Company and their clients.