Pathway Community Services Ltd.

Who We Are

Since its inception and subsequent incorporation in 2006 Pathway Community Services Ltd. (PCSL) has developed and managed programming specifically focused on the support of individuals with diverse needs, within our communities.

PCSL currently offers comprehensive, flexible, and individual-centered services to children and youth,  in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia. We promote healthy development for high risk/special needs children and youth. We also provide safe placements for those in care and innovative support to their families and relevant networks.

PCSL offers a variety of residential and community supports that are tailored to the needs of each individual. PCSL is highly sensitive to an individual’s developmental, physical, and intellectual abilities. We strive to work within an individual’s capacities while encouraging a sense of self-worth and autonomy. We support children and youth with neuro-behavioural disorders resulting in significant impairment in various areas of social functioning.   Our goal is to provide services as a part of a comprehensive network of support.  We strongly believe that all humans thrive and grow when they are welcomed as part of a community that exists outside of their home. We believe this growth continues as one acquires skills and abilities in a safe, and rewarding manner. Ultimately our goal is to strengthen an individual’s development through personal mastery with experience, support, and encouragement

PCSL has a demonstrated and recognized history of working successfully with children and young people that have had little previous success in care, and are clearly of high risk/need.  The result of this strength is a confidence that PCSL will not only meet the individual needs of the assigned children, young people, and families but will also exceed the expectations of the collateral organizations and natural support communities.

Key Values

– Person Centered Support
– Individualized Case Planning
– Collaborative approach with all members of individual’s network
– Emphasis on “relationship” as a key therapeutic agent
– Development of  autonomy as a skill
– Promotion of  multi-generational and cultural heritage
– Ongoing education, support and supervision of our team members