OneTouch Direct

Come be part of the OTD family and get your Birthday off with pay!

OneTouch Direct is looking for Call Center Sales Agents (only because Full Time Multitasking Ninja is not an actual job title) to work closely with our sales team and represent one of the world’s largest telecommunications company.

Desired Skills and Qualifications:

Computer proficiency in a MS Window Environment

Great personality with a sense of humour

Excellent verbal skills

Persistence and thoroughness

A strong desire for sales and success

Ability to work towards personal and team goals

Our People

We are a People First culture. We are diverse and dynamic. We have Movie Buffs, Musicians, Bikers, Runners, Philanthropists, and every other variety of people you can think of. We have Family people, Single people, Happy people and Caffeine-Boosted People. You will find friends here and we encourage you to bring your friends too.

Our Hiring Process:

If you read this ad and it piques your interest:

  • Tell us you are interested (apply, email, shout, drop in or call).
  • We call you and ask you questions to make sure you are not a Robot.
  • You meet with us in person and boast about yourself.
  • If we both feel the spark, you are hired.
  • You tell everyone how awesome your life has become and how much money you are making.
  • Refer your friends and have them come on over and join the fun.


Don’t ignore this opportunity. You get paid to be trained. You get paid hourly. You get paid uncapped commission. You get to brag to your neighbours about how your extra earnings paid for your new car. You get to work with awesome people and you get trained by the best.

One More Thing:

You don’t have to worry about buying new clothes for this job even though you will soon be able to afford it with your awesome pay cheques. So, yes, you can wear jeans and your fav t-shirt and kicks so long as they don’t offend anybody.

OK- Last Thing:

We hire ambitious, fun, go getters who want to learn how to succeed in this business!

P.S- Share this! Don’t be afraid of friends or co-workers stealing this role. We have multiple openings. There’s enough money for everyone to go around. If you are awesome, we will find a place for you.

- Your friends at OTD