The Algonquin Regiment is an Infantry Unit in the Canadian Army Reserve, as part of the 33 Canadian Brigade Group and has 2 companies in North Bay and Timmins. Members of the Army Reserve are citizens who are paid to take military training on a part-time basis to assist the Regular Force in meeting Canada's military commitments.

In addition to their part-time work members of the Army Reserve can take full-time courses during the summer months, or can apply for full-time positions once they have received sufficient training. Members can also apply for certain postings with Regular Force Units.

The Canadian Army Reserve has many opportunities in a variety of trades. Training is offered on a part-time basis with training on evenings and weekends to work with people who are students and full time employees.

Drop in to speak with a recruiter Mon, Weds, Fri from 9am-3pm & Tues, Thurs from 1pm-3pm & 7pm-10pm