Graybridge Malkam

Graybridge Malkam is a privately held corporation founded in 1988. As our mission statement suggests, we are consumed with helping individuals and organizations maximize their abilities by developing their skills, knowledge and competencies. Our expertise includes diversity, intercultural and language training. Graybridge Malkam specializes in the design and delivery of courses and workshops using proven adult education methodologies. Our extensive network of facilitators, instructional designers and subject matter experts allows us to broaden our service range, based on need, and provide the right solution for your organization.

Graybridge Malkam is also recognized for its research ability and for creating pragmatic solutions, tools and reports to support organizations to meet today’s human resources challenges. Our diverse and multi-disciplinary team delivers innovative and practical solutions to all our clients, regardless of size or budget.

Founding principles

  • Exceed your expectations by doing an in-depth analysis of your needs to define and understand their end state.
  • Develop products and services that respond to your immediate needs and anticipate your future needs.
  • Provide you with the very best products and services in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Provide exceptional service by making your priorities our priorities.
  • Recruit and retain educated, experienced and self-motivated people to ensure you have access to the latest research and educational information.
  • Actively seek new ideas that enhance and broaden our expertise.
  • Provide stable management and leadership to ensure consistency for our clients.