Wee College

Welcome to Wee College – where imaginations smile.

Since 2005, we’ve been working with and caring for families and their children through providing imaginative childcare - from infant to after school programs. Every child has their own needs and voice; we cherish and celebrate all of them.

As an educator with Wee College, you value and recognize the potential of every child. You are a leader, you inspire, and you are the program planner. You develop programs and provide care that help children develop emotionally, socially, physically, and academically.

As a family, you cherish the journey and experience the wonder of your child’s achievements. You take pride in sharing new experiences with the people you love most. As a child, you find your voice and independence. You make lasting friendships, build a foundation, and grow through imaginative learning opportunities.

We have seven locations in the Greater Moncton Area that offer families safe, caring, and fulfilling childcare. For more information on Wee College and opportunities with Wee College, we welcome you to visit our website and connect with us: http://www.weecollege.com or follow us on Facebook @WeeCollege.