Labor Tek Personnel Services

Labor Tek is a locally owned and operated business with over 25 years of vast experience and knowledge in the staffing and training industry. Labor Tek has two distinct lines of business: Labor Tek Personnel Services and Labor Tek Safety Training & Consulting.

Labor Tek Personnel Services provides permanent, contractual and temporary staffing services to over 1500+ clients in the National Capital Area operating in sectors as broad and diverse as construction, retail, warehousing, industrial and manufacturing, , property management, , financial, IT, and Customer service.

At Labor Tek, we have raised industry standards to provide employers, employees and students with the highest level of professional ethics, and honesty. Our amazing growth over the past few years can be directly attribute to our dedication and passion as well as our positive approach to the safety requirements of our clients. Our combined experiences have become a valuable resource of information for many individuals and organizations in the National Capital Region and beyond.

Labor Tek is dedicated to connecting employers with the very best in temporary, permanent placement, and contract resources. To this end, we have developed and implemented a range of standards in customer service to ensure 100% client satisfaction on every assignment undertaken no matter the amount of placements required.