Ontario Duct Cleaning

Ontario Duct Cleaning was established is 1979 and has grown to one of the largest duct cleaning companies in Southern Ontario. As we grew so did our reputation for being professional, reliable and ethical.

By placing emphasis on fair pricing, good service and excellent workmanship, we have gained a reputation for professionalism. As a result of the company's reputation, approximately fifty percent of our business is derived from referrals from HVAC servicing companies as well as other customer referrals.

Our equipment processes allow us to clean virtually any type of duct systems. In the residential market we can clean most duct systems in single family homes, townhouses, apartments and even extremely large homes with multiple systems.

Also in the commercial and industrial markets, there are very few systems that we cannot properly clean. Examples include fresh air shafts in large office and apartment buildings, heating and air conditioning ducts in commercial buildings, dryer, bathroom and kitchen exhaust systems in apartment buildings and many different types of duct systems in industrial applications.

At Ontario Duct Cleaning we believe that service and quality come first and foremost, and every customer large or small will receive that same level of service. This attitude has served our customers and our selves well in the past and we are committed to continuing to provide the very best service in the industry.