Our Vision

The future of health care is in your home.

Our Mission

MediSeen is on a mission to revive the house call as the primary point of care by enabling health care providers to deliver care in their community. This is achieved via our secure, cloud-based digital platform, which enables patients to easily access quality health care at their home or office, instead of visiting overwhelmed doctor’s offices, walk-in clinics, or hospital emergency rooms.

About Us

MediSeen was founded in 2016 after Founder and CEO Daniel Warner was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Daniel spent a month as an in-patient and six subsequent months as an outpatient at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. It was during this time as an outpatient that Daniel discovered a flaw in the medical system and patient care. Daniel spent countless hours scheduling appointments, commuting to hospitals and clinics, and sitting in wait rooms. We all know what that’s like! On top of which, all of this had to be done while Daniel’s condition made it difficult for him to even walk across the street, let alone spend 90 minutes traveling to and from his appointments.

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