Elp Environmental

  • Etobicoke, Toronto, ON, Canada
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ELP Environmental has the pleasure of transforming customer homes to custom escapes.
Our skilled staff works closely with architects, property owners, and designers to make visions a reality. We do not stop there. Recently, we expanded operations to include commercial and municipal projects. 

Our Mission:
We offer the expertise and services needed
 to create lasting environmental impacts. Our quality workmanship and impeccable service establishes us as an industry leader

Regardless of the type of work we are doing, we recognize that each space has a story, has a use and has a purpose and so each space deserves respect, deserves quality workmanship and a commitment to preserving its integrity. By approaching each project like this, we establish a new standard to which the industry should look to. For us, this standard is simply the ELP vow to professionalism.

Working With Us:
The ELP difference is evident through all facets of our business, from the office staff to field policies. We operate with the customer in mind.

We have our own site staff; no outsourcing means a greater handle on quality and care. We employ a dedicated and organized front end staff. We are easy to reach, always available by email and phone.
We have various on-site procedures dedicated to efficiency, professionalism, and safety. – less