How it works:

1.Send us a regular resume(remember: no dance experience necessary)

2.From there, we bring in the best "people-people" for interviews.

3.When ready we transition you into dance instructors.

So, are you a Customer Service Rep, Retail Clerk, Restaurant Host or Hostess, Hospitality Grad, Barista, Hockey, Soccer or any Sports Player or Coach, Construction Team Labourer, Theatre Geek, Amateur Filmmaker, Fine Arts, Majored in Changing Your Major's Student, or are you just life of the party?
Congratulations, you have people skills! This could be he perfect for you.

WHAT WE TEACH:Through the training program you'll learn how to dance Tango, Swing, Salsa, ChaCha, Waltz and many other dances you may have seen on TV? Social dancing, emphasizing spontaneous lead and follow, is our initial mail focus but show dance/competition style will be added when appropriate.

So if you're:
- done with the cubicle jungle, the retail jungle, or the food service judge
- discovering you've traded your time for a degree or trade you want nothing to do with...
- sick and tired of trading your artistic, athletic, or creative side for 9 to 5...

...then, weight have the perfect job for you. all the perks of a creative dance career - a chance to develop yourself and others - with the opportunity for full time employment and advancement.

Job Type: Full-time/Part-Time
Salary ranges from $14-30 an hour