Terranova International Public Safety Canada Incorporated

TERRANOVA INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SAFETY CANADA (TIPS-CANADA) is a National St. John Ambulance Partner Provider of Training Services.

TIPS-CANADA is the Chief Training Company for GEMS-ERT: Global Emergency Medical Services – Emergency Response Team.  A federal nonprofit working in Search and Rescue, Emergency Management, Incident Management and in Advanced Medical Training Services in the Greater Toronto Area, Windsor, Hamilton, Niagara Region, London, Ottawa, Saskatoon and now in Vancouver, British Columbia.

In Ontario; St. John Ambulance offers affordable and WSIB Regulation 1101 Compliant First Aid training that will assist you with increasing your job hunting ability when looking for work. Most jobs today throughout Ontario require that you have your Emergency or Standard First Aid.  St. John Ambulance is the Leader in First Aid in accordance the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Jobs Canada is a supporter of St. John Ambulance First Aid training and the TIPS-CANADA mandate.

TIPS-CANADA is constantly looking to train students, mature students and adults to become St. John Ambulance certified instructors of basic and advanced levels.  St. John Ambulance Instructors can make between $12 – $25 per hour based on experience, level and skill that can be achieved through your own training ability.  

No Experience is Required, but you will require to be trained at your own expense!

TIPS-CANADA is currently looking for former international medical personnel and medical doctors from outside of Canada that want to work in the Canadian Medical Industry as working medical and first aid instructors.  Be the professionals that you truly are and let TIPS-CANADA teach you, opening your opportunities that will help you settle in Canada with your family in a way you desire to do so.

TIPS-CANADA offers medical people, men and women alike, from in Canada and abroad an opportunity to work in the medical training field as a first aid and/or in the medical industry to work for our company or for the companies that we train graduates for that pay up to $40,000 per year to start.  You must be authorized to work in Canada and have proof of this if required.

Positions that Employers are Looking For Today:

+ Emergency Medical Responder

+ First Responder

+ Emergency & Standard First Aid

+ Security Guard

+ Armoured Security Guard

Work as a St. John Ambulance Instructor:

+ Basic First Aid Instructor

+ Advanced First Aid Instructor

+ Marine Advanced First Aid Instructor

+ Wilderness and Remote First Aid Instructor

+ Advanced Medical First Responder Instructor 

+ Instructor Trainer

Conditions will apply! After becoming an instructor with St. John Ambulance, our staff will help you find the job that you are after with the training you have completed through us.  Don’t sell yourself short with a lesser job.  Don’t end up doing a job that you are not interested in doing.  You can even use your new abilities as an instructor to subsidize your current income by doing additional work as a first aid instructor.

Make extra income in an industry that is affordable to learn.  No experience is required to achieve in First Aid.  At TIPS-CANADA we provide you with the right advice the first time, based on what you want to do and where. 

All program costs are the responsibility of the applicant, as your credentials remain yours alone.

Join us today and be a part of the St. John Ambulance Winning Team.

For more information, please visit our website at: http://www.tips-canada.com/

Our St. John Ambulance Training Centre’s are located at:

St. John’s Ambulance                            St. John’s Ambulance                            St. John’s Ambulance   
York Region Branch                               Training Centre                                        Training Centre

13321 Yonge Street,                              Markham Executive Offices                   Vaughan Police Station
Suite 201                                                 3601 Highway 7 East,                              2700 Rutherford Road  
Toronto, ON                                            4th Floor, Training Room A                     Vaughan, ON
L4E 0K5                                                   Markham, ON                                            L4K 5R1
                                                                  L3R 0M3