Mercantile Exchange Corporation

How hard do you actually want to work?

You are someone who has seen a hard day’s work and have fun while doing it.  You want to make a ton of money (uncapped commissions) and you don’t mind dialling the phone 100 times a day.  You understand that there are no freebies and the harder you work the more you can make.  This is a role for someone who wants to pound the phone, pavement or any other hard surface that will generate new dollars and new business.  This is a sales role for a genuine sales person who isn’t ashamed to scream at the top of their lungs, “I love being in sales and I love making the big bucks.” 

Who are your customers? 

Your customer is any business that sends global payments and has a need to convert currency on a consistent basis. They are a small to medium size business that doesn’t get the love that a large company gets from the big banks.  Most small companies are overcharged and undervalued.  So your job is to show them that at Mercantile Exchange the small guys and gals are just as important as the big ones – and are treated as such.

What does your background look like?

You’ve done some pavement pounding and dialled the phone a few thousand times.  You don’t have 5 years of experience but you’ve tested out a sales job and know that it’s something you want to do for a long time.  The issue is you’re just at the wrong company or in the wrong pay structure. You have a piece of paper on your wall that says you’ve done hard time at an educational institute but you know that there are two kinds of smarts and you have the one that counts. If you speak more than one language you have an advantage over everyone else who applies.

Who you are! (And it’s critical that you are all of these)

  • You are a winner.
  • You will find a way to win no matter what the circumstances and you don’t give in to negativity.
  • You don’t listen to the naysayers.
  • You don’t expect someone else to make your life better because you know that YOU are the person that will make it better.
  • You thrive in an environment where the odds are against you and others are may get jealous that you succeed.
  • You understand that leaders don’t have to have titles.
  • You have passion, and positive energy.


Last but not least you will be starting with a base salary of 36K a year and 10% uncapped commissions (plus benefits after probationary period).  That being said it’s not about the salary, it’s about the commission. If you agree with this statement send me an email right away.