NeoLife is a 60 year old International Business, redefining the world of startups and helping entrepreneurs unlock a better way of life.  This is an At-home Wellness Business.

As Independent Promoters, we are expanding across Canada.  We are looking for team members who are ambitious, coachable (we will train) and interested in making a difference for themselves, their families, other people and the environment. 

Contact if you are open to:

 ** enjoying the time freedom of being your own boss, deciding where, when, and how you work           ** getting healthy and learning how to share good health with the people you love most                         ** learning how to build a foundation for lifelong financial well-being                                                           ** getting out of debt                                                                                                                                             ** building lifelong friendships                                                                                                                             ** personal growth and development                                                                                                                 ** part-time or full-time options