Terra Breads

Back in 1993, we made our first artisan loaves at a small bakery in Vancouver — Kitsilano to be exact. And details are important to us. Always have been. From day one, we’ve made bread using the best, freshest, carefully-selected ingredients with a healthy obsession for perfection. Each and every day, we arose at baker’s hours and filled that small 4th Avenue storefront with the delicious smell of fresh baked goods. And slowly, and then not so slowly, it filled with customers — some of whom still drop by to see us every day.

Today we’re still hands-on bakers with the benefit of a few extra helping hands. We bake in stone hearth ovens, and use French linen proofing cloth. Each and every loaf is scored by hand with its signature mark. In fact, we can tell which baker scored each loaf as it’s a little like signing their work.

Perhaps most importantly, our sourdough starter actually links many of the loaves we make today with the ones from decades ago. We can get new ovens, but the essence of our foods — their very flavour — is carried through that link. In a lot of ways, we’re still the same hands-on, neighbourhood bakery we were in 1993. Just in a few more neighbourhoods.