How often do you find yourself saying “I could use more hours in the day!”, adding things to your neverending “to-do list” and wondering how on earth you will get everything done in time? Life is busy and time flies. We allocate so much time to worrying about how we will get everything done, that by the time we get around to doing it, it’s already time to move on and our list has grown exponentially in the meantime! Your time is valuable. Why sweat the small things … let us take care of it so you can worry about what really matters!

Nowtaskr is a company focused on helping clients take back their every day with an extra set of helping hands to knock things off their to-do list. Whether you’re looking for help around the house, someone to weed your garden, to communicate for your business, or someone to help serve at your next dinner party, Nowtaskr can help with all of this and more!

Our Taskrs are your friends, family and neighbours - they are members of your local community looking for flexible employment and are fully vetted by the Nowtaskr team. All Taskrs are interviewed, screened and pass criminal record checks and have a multitude of unique skills and abilities. They choose the jobs they are interested in and best suit their skills and schedules and reap the benefits of flexible employment. What can we say? They are awesome! That said, please remember that despite how wonderful our Taskrs are, these are everyday people who are not able to complete jobs that require a professional. Their tasks are to be given with specific instructions, tools and guidance. They are an extra set of helping hands to help you tackle whatever it is that’s on your to-do list. 

Let us help you with your everyday.