Milman Industries

Company Descriptions.

The mission of the group of companies under Milman Industries Inc. is to enhance the operations of our clients by offering a broad range of products and services used in the mining and industrial industry. Our vision is to be seen and known as the most capable supplier of innovative solutions for an ever growing range of the needs of the mining industry.

The Products/services by company are as follows:

BM Metals

BM Metals is comprised of 5 divisions that have been developed and grown substantially overtime due to the companies eagerness of satisfying emerging and unmet customer needs. These divisions are; Rail and Track maintenance and supply; Waste management and Metals recycling; Crushing, screening and reverts handling; Industrial services (ie. Vacuum, HP, Baghouse cleaning, Supply); and Mechanical and Construction.

Diesel Electric Services

Diesel Electric Services limited core service offering is locomotive maintenance and repair.

Consolidated Industrial Products

Consolidated Industrial Products is a wholesaler of a wide range of products, striving to be a one-stop-shop for customers.

Consolidated Logistics

Consolidated Logistics Incorporated offers logistical services to companies in the mining industry.

Sudbury Lime

Sudbury Lime offers reliable, easy, industry leading lime slacking alternatives and lime slurry applications.


Chemiqa offers the capabilities of Flottec LLC, a chemical producer, and Milman industries logistical and local distributing capabilities, to get the chemicals the mining industry requires to their sites and provide them with the technical expertise and training.

Herby Enterprises

Herby Enterprises is a newly acquired company that offers services to the mining and industrial industry such as vacuum pumping as well as services for the mining industry’s front line employees such as portable washroom facilities.