Solotech is a leader in technology innovation. Truly teaming up with our clients, we overcome the challenges and create solutions that exceed the expectations no matter the scale or the complexity of the project.

Our mission

The amplified experience is firstly collaborating with our clients in order to achieve their vision. Solotech proposes an experience that is second to none by putting in the most skilled technicians' hands the latest technological developments, to the great delight of our clients.

Dynamic and energetic people

Working at Solotech is working alongside dynamic and energetic people. Avant-gardism and innovation are at the heart of the company's life that has succeeded in creating the industry's standards. This concentration of talent is supported by our cutting-edge technology in the domains of audio, lighting, video, and multimedia. It's this winning combination that makes the expertise of Solotech, recognized here and worldwide. You like to live a life of action and constantly respond to different challenges? Send us your profile now!