Ideal Protein

The Ideal Protein Method is medically designed & developed, being consistent with evidence-based guidelines for weight loss management and maintenance. It is a weight loss solution for the obese and overweight patient, including those with metabolic syndrome. Ideal Protein puts forward a proven, four-part method that enables safe, effective weight loss, with a healthy lifestyle approach and a structured maintenance program to sustain weight loss success. The method targets the root causes of weight gain by reversing the imbalance of insulin that occurs with the typical Western diet. A healthier lifestyle education is a key component of all phases of the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method, which features personalized, one-on-one coaching and a diet plan to promote losing fat while maintaining lean muscle mass. For a hospital, medical group or private medical practice, the Ideal Protein Method is a comprehensive turnkey program with no costs for training and implementation, and no long-term commitment. Offered through healthcare practitioners, trained clinics and centers, the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method and products are now available in more than 3,000 clinics and centers throughout North America. Research demonstrating the results of the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method has been presented at leading medical conferences such as the 9th Annual Obesity Summit at the Cleveland Clinic and the Annual Scientific Meeting of the National Obesity Society.