Southwestern Manufacturing Inc.

Southwestern Manufacturing Inc. operates in a competitive global market producing wide ranging metal based assemblies and components across a variety of industry sectors including but not limited to Mining, Oil & Gas, Crane and Drag-line Components, Agricultural, Machine building, and Heavy Equipment Manufacturing. Our customers expect quality and our ISO 9000/2001 and CWB accreditation are just the beginning. They also expect value for money reflected in smart manufacturing choices and on time delivery. At Southwestern Manufacturing Inc., we have the vision, the infrastructure and the skills that allow us to create and develop value added solutions for our customers. Global sourcing and outsourcing expertise offer original solutions to traditional methods and allow our customers the benefit of cost effective solutions in an ever changing global marketplace. Our customers are demanding and that suits us just fine! Over the years it is our customers who have made us better through intensive off site training and an open communication line. They want us to use our wide ranging expertise and propose innovative manufacturing and machining solutions, for metal based assemblies and machining that would challenge a lesser organization.

Manufacturing from concept to creation, SMI is dedicated to approaching every Manufacturing project with the mindset that “we can do it best”. Regardless of the application, complexity, or industry—the team at Southwestern Manufacturing Inc. will apply experience, care, and ingenuity to create a final product that is characterized by quality and value. We provide high quality, on-time and cost effective machining and fabrication solutions throughout all phases of manufacturing all under one roof. We manage the process for our customers from start to finish!

Increased over the years, our extensive plant capacity developed to cater for our multi million pound turnover, is spread across four facilities manned by over 150 employees. It incorporates shot blasting, stress relieving, fitting, welding, machining, non-destructive testing, final paint, right on through to our own logistics network, resulting in high value finished items across many diverse sectors delivered right to your door. This is a single source solution for the customer as opposed to using a range of other individual supply chain members carrying out single activities.