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Yukon's labor force rose by 400 jobs over one year

The Statistics Canada Labor Force Survey has revealed the Yukon’s workforce is 22,100 when adjusted seasonally.

These numbers reflect the numbers as per August 2018.

When compared to August 2017, the seasonally adjusted labor force rose by 400 jobs or 1.8 per cent. These numbers are also up from July by 200, or 0.9 per cent.

Gary Brown, a senior information officer with the Yukon Bureau of Statistics, said recently there has been an increase in employment in the mining industry as well as goods-producing industries.

In mining, he said, the numbers were up to 900 in August, a rise of 100 from July.

He said the mining industry is recording its best numbers since 2012.

In goods-producing, the numbers are down slightly to 3,800 jobs. He said the numbers are still positive because of the mining industry and construction.

He said there are major construction projects underway, naming specifically the Whistle Bend development.

He added there have been 263 new dwellings built in the territory between January and July 2018 – 100 more than last year. He explained this is primarily due to demand for housing.

“We’re seeing population increases,” Brown noted.

As for unemployment, the Yukon continues to see record monthly lows.

August saw an increase to 600 unemployed; this is up 100 from July. This translates to a 2.7 per cent unemployment rate for August, a month which saw 4.1 per cent unemployment.

“That’s a low as we see,” he said.

The national unemployment rate for August was six per cent, which is also down from last year’s 6.2 per cent.

Brown said he was not sure what the winter will do to the numbers.

He said the bureau of statistics does not do forecasting. He did say that traditionally, the employment numbers drop during the winter, but that does not mean unemployment would necessarily be high.

The September employment figures will be released Oct. 5.