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Markham one of sweetest cities in Canada because of diversity

Markham has been designated one of Canada's "sweetest" cities by a brand that should know, Billy Bee Honey.

The city was one of five Canadian cities designated sweet because, like the honey bee that welcomes bees to its hives, it "thrives by welcoming more than 70 per cent of its population from international cultures."

Indeed, Mayor Frank Scarpitti often likes to proclaim Markham is the most diverse city in Canada.

Billy Bee also looked at volunteerism, charitable giving, employment rates and weather conditions and found Regina, Sask., has one of the highest rates of volunteerism in the country, Victoria, B.C, has one of the highest employment rates in Canada, and the people of Montreal endure harsh winters with strength and tenacity. To communicate, honey bees perform the "waggle dance" sharing information like the Baie en Joie Dancers in Saulnierville, N.S., who share Acadian traditions through dance.

The Sweetest Town, which will be announced during National Honey Month in September, will be presented with a donation of $10,000 to go toward bee-friendly gardening initiatives in the community.

“As Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary, our country’s uniquely sweet personality has been in focus,” says Cheryl Radisa, vice-president of marketing at McCormick Canada.

Posted by York Region