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It's FUM Time!

FUM Time is an innovative new platform that introduces a simplified and more efficient way of working. Our approach allows you to socialize while also doing business. FUM Time’s mission is to help you create the perfect work-life balance without sacrificing your work – or life! Our approach allows you to work independently, collaborate with other freelancers and manage teams of independent professionals. Our platform allows employers to recruit employees efficiently, privately and hassle-free. Hours are flexible, salaries are competitive and opportunities are endless. Best of all, our platform is 100% free for all our users.  

FUM Time is the only app that allows employers and employees to communicate directly without interfering financially. FUM Time also uniquely has a “rating” feature which allows clients to rate professionals depending on their experiences. This allows employers to get a better understanding of the backgrounds of various professionals, ensuring employers only hire quality professionals.  

FUM Time is hiring for Customer Success Manager. To apply to the position, please visit: