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Is it difficult to find a job in Canada?

Dear Mr Brown,

I would like to know whether new immigrants have a difficult time finding employment in Canada. Also, I would like your opinion on the best place to settle in Canada.


Dear PO:

There is a myth that people yearn to become Canadians in order to utilize the welfare State and shirk work and responsibilities. However, Canada has a history of functional integration of immigrants. Nevertheless, some critics of Canada's immigration policy cite issues such as: Overcrowding with regards to housing, infrastructure, traffic, and transit.

As a result, some have suggested that the Canadian Government create incentives for immigrants and others to settle outside the Toronto and Vancouver metropolitan areas.


Employment rates

According to Statistics Canada data, unemployment rates of Canadians born in Canada and landed immigrants are fairly comparable.

In 2016, the unemployment rate of landed immigrants aged 15 years and older was 7.5 per cent, compared to 6.8 per cent for those born in the country. The employment rate among landed immigrants aged 15 years and older was 58.3 per cent, compared to 62.2 per cent of Canadian-born citizens.

 Citizenship study guide

There is huge support of the potential amendment to Canada's Citizenship Test Study Guide to remove “Getting a Job” as a responsibility for immigrants to Canada, which is considered patronising, due to the fact that employment is a primary concern for most immigrants as they seek to settle and integrate in Canada. It seems to uphold the myth described above that new Canadians need to be somehow encouraged to work.

The office of the Minister of Immigration has confirmed that the Department of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship is consulting with a range of organisations and experts in an attempt to ensure the updated guide is representative of Canada's diversity and reflects the country's indigenous history.

The draft study guide is reported to set two categories of citizenship responsibilities: voluntary and mandatory.

Voluntary responsibilities are listed as respecting the human rights of others, understanding official bilingualism, and participating in the political process. Obeying the law, serving on a jury, paying taxes, filling out the census, and respecting treaties with indigenous peoples are mandatory.

 In response to your question, there are opportunities throughout Canada. However, new Canadians tend to flock to certain areas such as Ontario, or more specifically Toronto.

 published by Jamaica Observer