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Federal government’s mission to save Trans Mountain jobs divides B.C. and Alberta

While the estimated jobs created by the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion range from 15,000 to 800,000, industry leaders in British Columbia and Alberta stake opposing views on the economic impacts of the project.

In B.C., Mike Rowlands, president of consulting firm Junxion, questions the $4.5 billion purchase of the pipeline by the federal government, which said it was doing so to “create and protect jobs” in B.C. and Alberta.

Rowlands, who spearheaded a petition containing signatures from over 700 businesses and entrepreneurs opposing the pipeline expansion project, said many in the business community would rather see government invest in “high-growth” sectors such as green energy, technology and media production. “Not doubling down on industries that are clearly in sunset.”

The number of estimated jobs the expansion project will create in Alberta and B.C. varies between Kinder Morgan and the federal government.

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