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Canadian Armed Forces invites people in Thunder Bay to be a soldier for a day

Residents in Thunder Bay, Ont. had the chance to be a soldier for a day and learn what it's like to be a part of the Canadian Armed Forces, at a special event on Tuesday. 

Unit recruiter for 38 Signal Regiment, Cody Noyle has been a part of the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment for the past 10 years and has seen first hand the benefits of joining the task force.

"I joined through the co-op program locally here in Thunder Bay; it's a high school co-op program where you get two credits and you get paid as well," Sgt. Noyle explained, "it's actually the only co-op program you get paid for [and] you actually enrol in the Canadian Armed Forces."

He said by being a soldier he not only learned discipline but was also able to gain confidence through training while building long-lasting friendships and camaraderie. 

On Tuesday evening, Sgt. Noyle allowed a handful of participants to be soldiers for the day through military drill training, weapons handling and army communication workshops.

This is just a small taste of what life as a solider is like, Sgt. Noyle said, but those who are interested in joining the army can receive a comprehensive overview of what a solider in Thunder Bay does and the benefits that come with being part of a military family.

"There are school benefits, there's health benefits as well, there's full time employment ... we basically have a family here ... I've eat, slept and bled with them so I treat them like a family, so that's a huge aspect of the job as well."

He said by allowing participants to be a soldier for a day, he hopes people will "learn about the local army in town," and that both high school and university students in the Lakehead will gain an overall interest in the military.