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More Walmart jobs in Cornwall

The Walmart distribution centre, one of Cornwall’s largest private sector employers, which already employs around 1300 people, will be hosting a job fair Wednesday and Friday in the hopes of hiring over 50 new staff.

The centre, which has been operational since March of last year, just opened a perishable food building this spring, so most new hires would be headed to the new location.

The fairs will take place at 1501 Industrial Park Dr. between noon and 6:30 p.m. both days.

The large majority of available positions will be processing inbound and outbound orders for eastern Ontario stores, and a small number of positions will be clerical work like traffic dispatch. Most positions to be filled are part-time, though some full-time night shift work is available as well.

Unlike the job fairs that Walmart has hosted in the past, this one will entail a full tour of the site, and go through much of the hiring process on the spot.

“We’ll go through a multitude of interviews throughout the time that the potential candidates are there, so we can essentially come a lot closer to presenting an offer to those associates as they come through,” said Drew Robertson, senior director of operations for eastern Canada.

The jobs will require a high school education, and some proficiency in english.

“Most of the things we are looking for can be trained on the spot in our facility,” said Robertson,

“What we’re looking for is a good attitude, good attendance, and obviously a willingness to want to join our team.”

As for growth in the future, Robertson thinks the perishable food centre will specifically continue to provide new opportunities in Cornwall, as food sales increase in the region.

“More volume means more hiring so we’re going to be growing our business for sure in that centre.”

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